Our challenge, our problem

By 2050, it is estimated that there will be 9 billion people on this earth. 9 billion people who all have a right to healthy and delicious food. This creates a major challenge: how are we going to feed all these people? And how will we do this in a sustainable way?

We are Ben & Luc

and we have made this our problem. We also have a solution. At Glowfarms, we grow herbs and lettuce: fresh, healthy, tasty. And we do so sustainably: less water, less square metres, fewer emissions, less waste and without pesticides. In our vertical farm, herbs make a journey from seed to plant and receive everything they need along the way so that at the end of the journey we have a crackling fresh bunch of greenery ready for you to enjoy. Full of flavour and with a shelf life twice as long.

What do we dream about?

We started with herbs, but imagine: tomatoes, flowers, coffee… Because we are constantly innovating, we are leading the way with a wide variety of products. We grow them on less than a quarter of the land needed for agriculture. So we no longer need to cut down trees for farmland. Even better: we plant the other three quarters with forest. The roofs of our farms are green or have solar panels. Or both. Our cultivation is CO2 neutral – or rather CO2 negative. We package our products in fully biodegradable or circular materials. We do the packaging ourselves, just like the electric transport to the supermarket or restaurant. We are close: our farms are in the city, so we don’t have to drive far anyway. The chains are short and transparent: with farming as a service, we offer our retail customers complete convenience. They choose the products and quantities, packaging and their logos via the app, and we do the rest. But we also supply restaurants and caterers. We even deliver to cosmetics companies, helping to make production chains more sustainable. By 2050, our farms will be all over the world, but in any case in every major city in the Netherlands. In this way, we help to feed the 9 billion mouths in a way that improves our environment.